Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LifeShare: Let me pray for you today!


For the next two days ... any request submitted here on FWIW will be prayed for. You can either submit a comment or email me at emaildlake@gmail.com

Thanks for taking time to share your life today.

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Ericka M. said...

HI DOUG! I'm not sure where to leave this...so I'm leaving it here.

I have two matters of prayer:

1. I have two friends, Rusty and John, whom I've been friends with for a very long time. They both knew the Lord at one time, but have each turned to a life of homosexuality. I want them to see the error of their ways - whatever it takes - to turn back to Jesus. I want to fight for them.

2. Direction, guidance, a real knowing of what to do.